Paris Je T'aime

Did you guys catch The Devils Wear Prada yesterday? Oh busy writing for freebies I see. Okay that was straight up nasty. I vow not to mention anyone in pregnancy cardigan ever again.
I used to envision a dozen lip-smacking macaroons on my desk overlooking the atelier across my apartment while reading VOGUE. I’m anticipating walking across the Jardin des Tuileries in my sharpest suit. My vision kept going on and on, I was indeed very ambitious.

The closest I will ever get a taste of Paris is a bite at these Macaroons. I was craving for Macaroons since watching the Marc Jacobs-Louis Vuitton documentary. It wasn’t easy looking for these macaroons in Singapore. We have McDonalds and TrimSpa at every corner but not macaroons. Why!

When I got hold of some, it has a funny taste and each macaroon have different texture. If I knew it would taste like plasticine, I would just swallow a tub of my niece’s play-doh .it was not what I imagine it to be at all! Which brings us to this: what if the ideal or ‘dream’ that you hope for does not live up to you expectations?



  1. Where you got your macaroons from? Canele's caramel macaroons are to die for, even though it does have a lil bit of a plasticine texture, now that you mentioned it....

  2. I wanted to at Canele's but it looks way expensive..
    i got mine at bakezin (i thinks thats the name of it) i dont know how it was suppose to taste but then the chocolate one was super hard like a biscuit,the sakura flower was awesful. the strawberry cream was okaytho. but stil...err. i dont mind the plasticine texture...but the plasticine taste,i cant stand it!!

    how much is the one at Canele?

  3. oits. i stil have Canele's macaroons in my fridge. if u want uh

  4. thanks eh.then that time nvr tell me.

  5. Then you alter your perception and try to be happy that you even achieved your deam.

    For further development we should all try to have realistic expectations. The sky is the limit to dream and we should never give up, but despite hard work and pushing on, things don't always work out.

    * sigh *

  6. i like the rose flavoured one at bakerzin but i def got to try canele!


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