The ‘conventional’ (or trendiest for some) ways of wearing Doc Marts would of course be with leggings or jeans. I don’t (and can’t) wear leggings and skinnies make my thigh looks like a twelve-incher in a fitted condom- or at least I thought so. The said dilemma (oh so drama) is in need of a solution.

So I won a pair of eight-eye in bark and I initially thought of giving it away, before I fall back on my words. That was before the recession and I’m sure all of us weren’t thinking straight when our allowances were cut down! I mean shouldn’t everyone be worried the fact that the economy isn’t doing well? I was devastated. How do I get me some moolah to watch Zefron in High School Musical 3?!!!

We’re getting out of topic here. So anyway, I choose to keep them under my bed and hoping the ingenious would pop up soon and there came my knights in Lanvin high-tops and fluffy bow tie, Lucas Ossendrijver and Papa Elbaz. Lanvin’s fall 2009 collection, which showed the pairing of similar hues for boots, socks and pants .I’m inspired and I think I’m ready to use my boots that I won without having to write-in for a free one.



  1. Oh so you DID win the FB contest thing? Congrats!

    I like the way Lanvin styled it. Very subtle, attention for details!

  2. hahaha cool, i love the way you styled it! VERY CHIC ;)


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