A Designer A Day

When i showed my mom a picture of Karl, a good friend of mine at Chanel pre-fall 09 show, she mistook him for ...

Count Dracula. Does he really? That gave me an idea of a segment i can do on on OSN.You know how (most) bloggers try to sound almighty, squeezing a name (or two) of french people or designers even models and then you go like pi-vo-va-ro-va-ra-va who? Worst, blogs with too many sponsored entry ( The New Paper FastAds is that chu?) and they will end the post with "I would die to have those louboutins" or something similar to that. So if i smack a pair of Gabin pumps to your face,would you dig your own grave?

From the paragraph above,it concludes that i have not taken my medications. Back to idea- Thats when you will skip the post and go to the entry with Britney Spears. It's Britney bitch. Everyone knows Britney.If you don't, you must learn this: Britney Spears does shave and Karl, the person i mentioned earlier is the art director of Juicy Couture. See, you've learnt something new. Bravo.

I hope through this newly introduced segment called A Designer A Day we can all learn something.




  1. Are you talking about Stephie? You can know when she blogs because there this commercialism in every post. I think Dottie is cool.

  2. Haha... yes, teach us more!

  3. anon:

    Hah,i will CA! where have u been?!

  4. I've been busy busy boy! Recently inished a midterm exam. Horror. Moved to a new appartment. Bliss!


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